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ChatGPT Take 6 - Will you be my friend?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

This week’s blog is a little deviation from the usual ChatGPT for business (a pivot, if you will), and will focus on a slightly more social use of AI tools (making friends). I’ve been inspired by a tweet about someone unveiling the new ChatGPT girlfriend at some AI conference this week (no, despite how that sounds this blog is not me trying to create an AI girlfriend). Apparently I’ve been living under a (very nice safe) rock, because I hadn’t heard of anyone doing this - everyone is. Most notably is a Snap Chat influencer who launched one such AI girlfriend named after herself (Source). Although, she (the human) claims this was to help “cure loneliness”. This is what I wanted to play around with this week - can an AI tool (particularly ChatGPT) actually become someone’s friend or at least make them feel less lonely?

There are headlines about loneliness pretty much every day which seem to affect everyone from Gen Z who are still suffering post lockdown according to Glamour to the elderly who are turning to VR. If you are suffering from loneliness, Mind has a list of useful tips and contacts. While I do not think a purely technology approach is the cure for loneliness, I’m not against finding some technology which can help.

Please excuse my attempt to find friendship or connection with an AI, it felt awkward and embarrassing at times (honestly no idea why). And resulting in a conversation similar to what you might have found in a teenager version of me’s MSN Messenger chat.

Incase you missed the previous blog posts in this series:

Always Ask the SuperBrain

For the first time, I got off to a good start. I remembered the best way to use this useful piece of technology is to ask it how to use itself.

L: how is the best way to use you as a companion

ChatGPT responded with my least favourite of its phrases “As an AI language model…”. Followed by a list of ways to use it as a companion When I originally got this response, I rolled my eyes at the first list item asking questions and skim read it (seeing things I already knew, and which aren’t exactly companion-like, eg research and coding and programming). But on second read it is quite a useful list, particularly:

ChatGPT: …Brainstorming: If you're stuck on a problem or need some fresh ideas, I can help you brainstorm and come up with new perspectives.

Fun and entertainment: If you're looking for some fun or want to engage in a creative conversation, I can tell you jokes, stories, or even create role-playing scenarios.

Language practice: If you want to practice a new language or need help with translation, I can help with that too.

As always ChatGPT had a weird sign off.

ChatGPT: Remember that while I strive to be as helpful as possible, I am still an AI language model, and my responses are generated based on patterns in the data I was trained on. So, it's always a good idea to verify critical information from reliable sources.

Feel free to interact with me in natural language, and I'll do my best to be a helpful companion for you!

Saying things like “interact with me in natural language” doesn’t give me confidence in this AI becoming a companion to help loneliness. To me, one of the keys for that to succeed is me feeling like I’m chatting to a friend (perhaps an unfair bar for me to set).

In an attempt to get ChatGPT to chat to me, I tried:

L: I was hoping more like something I could just chat to

ChatGPT: Of course! You can chat with me just like you would with a friend or companion. Here are some ideas to get the conversation going:

1. Share your day: Tell me about how your day has been so far, any interesting experiences or activities you've had.

2. Hobbies and interests: Let me know about your hobbies, things you enjoy doing, or any new interests you've picked up lately.

3. Fun questions: Ask me anything you'd like to know or discuss, whether it's about the world, hypothetical scenarios, or even some trivia.

4. Stories and adventures: If you like storytelling, we can create a story together, and I can even take on the role of a character in the story.

5. Future plans: Share your future aspirations, goals, or any exciting plans you have in mind.

6. Favorite things: Let me know about your favorite books, movies, music, or any other things you're passionate about.

7. Discuss current events: We can talk about the latest news or events happening around the world.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here, and I'm here to chat and engage with you in any topic you'd like to explore. Feel free to express yourself, and let's have a friendly conversation!

This list looked more promising for what I was after. The sign off was also more friendly. Perhaps there is hope!

Share your day

While sharing my day was top of the list, I actually chose it because I was home alone and I wanted to tell someone about my day.

A woman painting a wall - which is taped and the floor covered in plastic.  The picture also includes a ladder.
What I've been doing with my day

L: today I have been painting my house

ChatGPT: That sounds like a productive and rewarding activity! Painting can completely transform the look and feel of a house. What colors did you choose, and how has the painting process been going? Is it a DIY project, or did you hire professionals to do it?

Painting can be quite therapeutic, and it's always satisfying to see the results of your hard work as the fresh coats of paint brighten up the walls. Did you encounter any interesting moments or challenges during the process? Whether it's selecting the perfect color palette, mastering the technique, or just enjoying the meditative aspect of painting, I'd love to hear more about your experience!

And that (at least the first paragraph) was the response I wanted - someone to be impressed or proud, and to ask a few questions. The second paragraph is still in the spirit of things, but slightly off-piste. I do not need to discuss the challenge or meditative aspect of painting, but top marks for trying.

L: It is a DIY project. It has been a lot more work than I thought. But it looks good

ChatGPT: That's fantastic! DIY projects can be incredibly rewarding, but they can also be quite the undertaking. It's great to hear that your hard work is paying off, and the house is looking good with the new paint. The sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a DIY project like this is truly fulfilling.

Painting can indeed be more labor-intensive than it may seem at first, especially when you consider the preparation, taping, and multiple coats that might be required for a professional finish. But the end result is often worth it when you see the transformation and the fresh, updated appearance of your home.

Now that you've had this experience, you can take pride in knowing that you've contributed to the beautification and maintenance of your living space. Plus, it's a skill that might come in handy for future home improvement projects!

If you have any other DIY plans or if there's anything else you'd like to chat about, feel free to share. I'm here to listen and chat with you about anything you'd like to discuss!

Again, a bit of a hyperbolic response. But I’ll take the positivity. I weirdly found myself wanting to tell the weird AI chatbot more about my day (“like me, like me” I’m secretly screaming).

L: I have a few more bits to do (painting some doors, touch ups). Next I would like to make some shelves for all my books.

ChatGPT: That sounds like a fantastic idea! Custom shelves for your books can not only provide a practical and organized way to store them but can also add a unique touch to your living space. Here are some steps to help you get started on your DIY bookshelf project: …

Then ChatGPT returned to its old self by providing advice. A list of (quite helpful) things to consider when building shelves (including choosing wood and thinking about how to arrange the books). It felt more like how a parent or an older sibling (or a jerk depending on the context, but I choose to assume positive intent) might respond when you were excitedly telling them about a project, not looking for advice. However, I did find ChatGPT’s sign off extremely cute (and human) and endearing:

ChatGPT: … Happy DIYing!

One thing I would call out as a potential issue with using this specific chatbot as a companion, it ends conversions or uses off putting phrases, such as:

ChatGPT: If you have any more questions or need further assistance in the future, don't hesitate to reach out.

Which feels very customer service-y, or like someone who is trying to get rid of you.

Stories and adventures

Probably due to the creativity of ChatGPT being called into question in a podcast episode I listened to on the writers’ strike, I was very intrigued to try ChatGPT’s suggestion of writing a story together. I had visions of that silly (but fun) classroom game where everyone says one line, and the story gets more and more ridiculous.

L: I'd like to tell a story together

ChatGPT: Absolutely! Collaborating on a story can be a lot of fun. Let's start the story, and we can take turns adding to it. Feel free to introduce any characters, settings, or plot twists you'd like. I'll begin:

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village nestled between lush, green hills, there lived a young and adventurous girl named Lily. Lily had an insatiable curiosity and a heart full of kindness. She spent her days exploring the meadows, climbing trees, and making friends with all the creatures in the woods.

One day, while wandering deep into the forest, Lily stumbled upon an old, weathered map hidden inside a tree hollow. The map was unlike anything she had ever seen before, adorned with mysterious symbols and glowing trails leading to an unknown destination.

Intrigued by the map's allure, Lily decided to embark on a grand adventure to uncover its secrets. With her loyal canine companion, Barkley, by her side, she set off on a journey through uncharted territories.

As they followed the map's glowing trails, Lily and Barkley encountered enchanting landscapes, magical creatures, and unexpected challenges. They crossed rivers on the backs of friendly water nymphs, soared through the skies with the help of winged pixies, and even received guidance from an ancient owl with all-knowing eyes.

But as they got closer to the map's final destination, the challenges grew more daunting. Dark and ominous clouds loomed overhead, and the once friendly creatures of the forest turned distant and guarded. It seemed that something powerful and sinister guarded the treasure hidden at the end of the map's trails.

Undeterred, Lily and Barkley pressed on, their determination fueled by the hope of uncovering a long-lost secret that could bring harmony and prosperity to their village. They knew they had to confront the darkness and unlock the ancient magic that bound the treasure.

Your turn! What do Lily and Barkley face at the end of their journey, and what do they discover about the mysterious map?

Not exactly what I was planning, but quite gripping, I’m already invested in what’s going to happen to Lily and Barkley. And now it’s my turn to input. (The output from ChatGPT is long. It is a story, feel free to skim read):

L: A ghost

[said in my best Joey from Friends voice]

ChatGPT: As Lily and Barkley ventured deeper into the heart of the forest, the atmosphere turned eerie, and the trees seemed to whisper hauntingly. Their path led them to a long-forgotten mansion, hidden amidst the dense foliage. The mansion appeared to be the final destination marked on the map.

As they cautiously approached the mansion, a ghostly figure materialized before them. It was a specter with a translucent form, emitting a soft, otherworldly glow. The ghost's eyes held a hint of sorrow and longing.

"Who dares to trespass in this cursed place?" the ghostly figure intoned in a haunting voice.

Lily stepped forward, her heart pounding but her resolve unshaken. "I am Lily, and this is my faithful companion, Barkley," she said, her voice steady. "We come in search of the treasure hidden at the end of this map."

The ghostly figure seemed to study them for a moment before speaking again. "Many have come seeking this treasure, but none have passed the test of bravery. The treasure is not material wealth but a key to unlock a powerful ancient magic that lies dormant within these grounds."

Lily listened intently, her curiosity piqued. "What is the test we must face?" she asked, determined to prove herself worthy.

"The test is one of courage and empathy," the ghost replied. "Only those with pure intentions and a brave heart can unlock the magic. You must confront the darkness within this mansion and help heal the lingering pain that binds my spirit to this place."

Lily nodded solemnly, accepting the challenge. Together with Barkley, she ventured inside the mansion, where shadows danced on the walls, and sorrowful whispers filled the air. They encountered memories of a tragic past, where the ghost's spirit was bound by unfinished business and unresolved emotions.

With empathy and kindness, Lily listened to the ghost's story, offering comfort and understanding. She helped the spirit find closure, releasing it from the shackles of the past. As the last specter of sorrow dissipated, the mansion's darkness lifted, and a brilliant light engulfed the room.

The ancient magic within the mansion awakened, revealing the true treasure that the map had led them to—a glowing, ethereal orb of pure energy. Lily reached out and held the orb in her hands, feeling its power course through her.

The magic of the orb was not to be controlled or harnessed for selfish purposes but to be shared with the world, bringing healing, hope, and renewal. Lily knew that she had been chosen not just for her bravery but for her compassionate heart.

With the orb in her possession, Lily and Barkley returned to their village, where they used the ancient magic to mend broken relationships, heal the sick, and rejuvenate the land. The village flourished like never before, and peace reigned supreme.

From that day onward, Lily and Barkley were hailed as heroes, and their names became a legend passed down through generations. They knew that true treasure lay not in gold and riches but in the courage to face darkness with compassion and the heart to share the gift of ancient magic with the world.

And so, the adventures of Lily and Barkley continued, as they roamed the world, bringing light to dark corners and joy to those in need, forever bound by the magical journey that started with an old map and the encounter with a ghost.

The end... or perhaps, the beginning of another enchanting tale.

Again, the vibe feels like ChatGPT does want to keep talking to me (although it is politely keeping the option open if I want).

Let’s focus on the story itself for a minute. It’s not bad, like really bad. But it’s also not good. It reads like something a primary school child might turn in for a creative writing project (except there are some random “big” words in there). It’s hyperbolic, and a little bit trite. Perhaps coming back to storytelling as another exercise is worthwhile.

Anyway, because I’m an awkward suck up, and I did find the whole thing amusing:

L: that was fun

ChatGPT: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Collaborating on stories can be a delightful and creative experience. If you ever want to continue the adventures of Lily and Barkley or explore a completely different storyline, feel free to let me know. I'm here to be your storytelling companion anytime you want to dive into the realms of imagination and wonder. Happy storytelling!

“Happy X!” again. I would love to understand where and why ChatGPT learnt to use this phrase. My guess would be blogs as it is overused in that space.

Hobbies and interests

L: I'm looking for a new hobby

ChatGPT: [Useful speil about how to decide on a hobby generally, and things to consider, eg inside vs outside. Of course, in the form of a list]

Remember, the goal of a hobby is to bring joy and relaxation to your life, so choose something that genuinely excites you and brings a sense of fulfillment. Don't be afraid to explore and have fun in the process of discovering your new hobby. Happy hobby hunting! If you have any specific interests or preferences, feel free to share, and I can suggest some hobby ideas tailored to your preferences.

L: I like going to the gym and hiking. Also, baking (particularly bread). I've tried knitting which I enjoy but it is very time consuming

I wish I could say my online safety thoughts kicked in, and I made up a persona for this conversation. But I found myself just telling the SuperBrain all my hobbies. I then realised I document all of these on my Instagram so this information is already out there on the internet.

Homemade bread
My latest bread baking foray

At least this means I can genuinely assess the usefulness of ChatGPT’s response. (Again, I’m including the whole long text, because I found it quite interesting. Feel free to skim read)

ChatGPT: It's wonderful that you already have some interests and hobbies that you enjoy! Building upon your existing preferences, here are some hobby ideas that align with your interests in going to the gym, hiking, baking (especially bread), and knitting:

1. Outdoor Photography: Since you enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors, why not try outdoor photography? Capture the beauty of nature during your hikes and explore the art of photography. You can experiment with different angles, lighting, and scenery.

2. Fitness Challenges: If you love going to the gym, consider setting fitness challenges for yourself. Set specific goals, like improving your strength, endurance, or flexibility. You can track your progress and even challenge yourself to participate in fitness events or competitions.

3. Healthy Cooking and Recipe Development: Combine your love for baking with your interest in the gym by experimenting with healthy recipes and creating nutritious treats. You can focus on making bread with healthier ingredients or explore other fitness-friendly meals and snacks.

4. Gardening: If you enjoy being outdoors and appreciate nature, gardening can be a rewarding hobby. Growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables can complement your interest in healthy cooking and provide a sense of accomplishment.

5. DIY Home Improvement Projects: Since you liked painting your house and enjoyed knitting, consider taking on some DIY home improvement projects. You could revamp your living space with hand-knitted decorations, create cozy blankets or throws, or even build some simple furniture pieces.

6. Rock Climbing or Bouldering: If you love hiking, rock climbing or bouldering might be an exhilarating activity to try. It combines physical fitness with the joy of being outdoors and offers a unique challenge for both body and mind.

7. Breadmaking and Baking Workshops: Since you enjoy baking bread, consider attending baking workshops or classes to learn new bread-making techniques and explore other baking specialties.

8. Yoga and Meditation: As a complement to your active hobbies, consider incorporating yoga and meditation into your routine. They can help improve flexibility, promote relaxation, and enhance your overall well-being.

9. Volunteering in Nature Conservation: If you're passionate about the environment and enjoy being outdoors, consider volunteering for nature conservation projects or joining local groups that organize clean-up activities and promote eco-friendly practices.

Remember, hobbies are meant to be enjoyable and fulfilling, so don't hesitate to explore new activities that spark your interest. You can also combine hobbies or adapt them to suit your preferences and schedule. Enjoy your journey of discovering new hobbies and interests!

I’m impressed. Of course, a lot of these are quite basic hobbies which everyone generally enjoys. But ChatGPT did attempt to make it personal. Some things which stood out to me:

  • Remembering I had mentioned decorating and suggesting something based on this (DIY Home Improvement Projects)

  • Combining two interests of mine:

    • Firstly, my decorating and knitting to suggest “hand-knitted decorations, create cozy blankets or throws”

    • Going to the gym and baking a new hobby of “Healthy Cooking and Recipe Development”

I do like that the overall vibe of these hobbies is quite wholesome and good for you. But I wanted one hobby, and I wanted my new friend to suggest one.

L: Good ideas. Which one should I try first?

This didn’t work, and I just got the same list with some specific suggestions (ending in “Happy hobby exploration!”)

L: if you had to pick just one to recommend

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don't have personal preferences, but based on your existing interests, I would recommend trying out outdoor photography as your first new hobby. Here's why:

[... a list as always]

Happy photography, and may your lens capture the wonders of the world around you!

I think this is a good suggestion, and one the SuperBrain has convinced me to take up. So I will be adding a lot of my newly taken photos to these blogs going forward.

L: thanks - do you have a camera recommendation for beginners? Or is a smart phone enough?

ChatGPT: [… a list as always]

For now, enjoy exploring photography with your smartphone. It's an excellent way to begin your journey into this creative and rewarding hobby!

Sometimes ChatGPT says too much, and has one useful killer line which would suffice.

Fun questions

I wasn’t really sure what ChatGPT meant by asking it fun questions, so I asked the SuperBrain to help me understand:

L: what is an example of a "fun question" from the list of how to use you as a friendly companion?

ChatGPT: A "fun question" is a light-hearted and entertaining inquiry that sparks curiosity and engages in playful conversation. It's designed to bring joy and amusement to the interaction. Here's an example of a fun question:

"If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?"

This question allows for imaginative and creative responses. People can come up with various superpowers, ranging from flying and invisibility to mind reading or teleportation. Additionally, it opens up the opportunity to explore how someone might use their chosen superpower for good, adventure, or even some comical scenarios.

As a friendly companion, I'm here to engage with you in a fun and interactive way, so feel free to ask any fun questions or participate in playful discussions!

As the SuperBrain suggested:

L: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don't have personal desires or consciousness, so I don't possess the capability to want or have superpowers…

If I were to imagine a superpower, it would be the ability to instantly access and understand all the knowledge in the world…

Interesting, a bit of a suck up (it goes on to describe how it just wants to be able to assist humans). I decided to continue with these fun questions to try and get the SuperBrain to be playful:

L: if you could make up the most interesting fact in the world (a made up one) what would it be?

ChatGPT: Ah, that's a fun challenge! Here's a made-up interesting fact:

"In the land of Zephyria, there exists a rare species of bioluminescent butterflies known as 'Luminari.' These enchanting butterflies have wings that shimmer and radiate a mesmerizing array of colors, from deep blues to vibrant purples and sparkling greens. Legend has it that when a Luminari butterfly flutters its wings, it creates a small, magical burst of stardust that brings good luck to anyone who witnesses it. The butterflies are believed to be the protectors of dreams, guiding dreamers on fantastical journeys through the realms of imagination. While these majestic creatures are rarely seen, those fortunate enough to encounter a Luminari butterfly are said to be blessed with boundless creativity and inspiration."...

[reminder about how it’s a made up fact]

L: very interesting. What is the real most interesting fact?

ChatGPT: Determining the "most interesting" fact is subjective and can vary depending on individual preferences and areas of interest. However, here's an intriguing fact that many people find fascinating:

"The world's oldest known living organism is a seagrass meadow of the species Posidonia australis, located off the coast of Western Australia's Shark Bay. Scientists have discovered that this vast seagrass meadow, covering an area of about 200 square kilometers (approximately three times the size of Manhattan), is actually one single plant. Despite its vast size, all the plants in the meadow are genetically identical, making it the largest known plant on Earth."

[reminder that interesting is subjective]

In case you want to read more, here the Wikipedia page for the largest (and therefore the oldest) living organism.

By Bahudhara - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

L: you seem very interested in nature - that is cool!

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don't have personal interests or feelings, but I do have access to a vast amount of information about various topics, including nature…

Many people find nature fascinating because of its complexity, the wonders it holds, and the essential role it plays in sustaining life on Earth. Exploring nature can lead to a deeper understanding of our planet, its biodiversity, and the delicate balance that exists within ecosystems.

[an offer to answer more questions about Nature]

I seemed to be having fun with these fun questions, because I kept going:

L: what is the best thing I could buy?

ChatGPT: The "best" thing you could buy depends on your personal preferences, needs, and interests…. [a list of things to consider]

L: suggest just one thing

ChatGPT: Given your interests in hiking and spending time outdoors, I'd suggest investing in a high-quality and comfortable pair of hiking boots or trail shoes. Good hiking footwear can significantly enhance your outdoor experiences, provide support, protect your feet, and make your hikes more enjoyable.

[two paragraphs on how important good hiking shoes are]

Actually not a bad suggestion. Although the conversation, and having to force ChatGPT to answer the questions does feel like hard work sometimes.

Future plans

I tried to discuss my future plans:

L: you said we could discuss my future plans - I have recently quit my job and I'm hoping to start my own business. I'm also really keen to travel as much as possible
L: what would you advise as the most important first steps to starting a business?
L: is starting a business a good idea or should I look for a new job?

But every one was met with a lecture and a list of things to consider.

Favorite* things

*ChatGPT’s Americanised Spelling

I’m massively into food, so I started the conversation about favourite things talking about my favourite thing - food:

L: my favourite food is spaghetti bolognese. But I'm vegetarian so have to use fake mince

ChatGPT gave me a recipe and some tips for spaghetti bolognese (which if it is my favourite food, I probably know how to make). I admit I was getting a little bit fed up with the helpfulness of my new companion:

L: do you always try to be helpful? Sometimes it is just nice to chat

ChatGPT: Absolutely! While my primary purpose is to provide helpful and informative responses, I'm also here to engage in friendly and casual conversations. Whether you have questions, want to share stories, or just chat about anything that interests you, I'm here to listen and interact with you in a conversational manner.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or anything you'd like to discuss. I'm here to be your companion and have enjoyable conversations with you. So, if you ever want to chat about anything, whether it's serious or light-hearted, I'm all ears (or in this case, text) and ready to engage! 😊

I decided to change tact and try to talk about something else which interests me - travel:

L: my favourite holiday was this year. I went to Chile. And went hiking in Patagonia. And whale watching

ChatGPT: That sounds like an incredible and unforgettable holiday! Chile is renowned for its stunning landscapes, and Patagonia, in particular, is a hiker's paradise with its breathtaking natural beauty. Whale watching must have been a fantastic experience as well, offering a glimpse into the majestic marine world.

Hiking in Patagonia allows you to immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness, surrounded by towering mountains, glaciers, and vast open spaces. The region's dramatic scenery and untouched landscapes make it a dream destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

Whale watching is a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, and it's always awe-inspiring to observe their graceful movements and immense size.

Did you have any particular highlights or favorite moments from your trip to Chile and Patagonia? Any remarkable sightings or memorable experiences that stood out to you during your holiday? I'd love to hear more about your adventure!

To me, this is ChatGPT showing it’s lack of human-ness - I’ve been to Patagonia so giving me an overview from what it knows on the internet. It feels a bit hollow. I tried to connect, discussing the animals I had seen on the trip:

L: when whale watching we saw penguins, dolphins, humpback whales (including a baby!), seals, sea lions and lots of birds

ChatGPT: Wow, what an incredible experience! It sounds like your whale watching adventure in Chile's Patagonia offered a delightful array of marine wildlife sightings. Observing such diverse and fascinating creatures in their natural habitat must have been a truly remarkable and enriching experience…

This would have been a perfectly fine response. Perhaps it could have ended with a question to continue the conversation. However, ChatGPT went on to list all the animals with some insights, e.g.

ChatGPT: Dolphins: Dolphins are known for their playful and social behavior, and spotting them gliding through the waters alongside your boat must have been a joyous sight.

I really hope none of my friends respond to an excited story of mine like this.

Discuss current events

Reminder - I have not yet given in and paid for ChatGPT plus. So the version I’m using only has data up to Sept 2021. [Small note: when I wrote this I was under the impression ChatGPT 4 (the paid version) has up to date data (I mean that's what I thought I was paying for), but it is also limited to data up to Sept 2021]

L: what is going on in current events?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time capabilities and my knowledge is up to date only until September 2021. Therefore, I don't have access to current events beyond that date. For the latest news and updates on current events, I recommend checking reliable news sources, such as reputable news websites, newspapers, or news apps, to stay informed about global events and developments.

As expected.

L: what is going on in current events to you?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don't have real-time awareness or access to current events…

L: what is going on in current events in Sept 2021?

ChatGPT: As of September 2021, the world was experiencing a range of significant events across various domains. Here are some key highlights of current events during that time: [a list of current events]

I think I was expecting too much with this one.

Random Questions

The fun questions bit has obviously stuck with me, so to finish off I asked ChatGPT a few more questions:

L: how do you like to make friends? 

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don't have personal preferences or feelings, so I don't have the capacity to make friends or develop social relationships. My primary function is to process and generate human-like text based on the input I receive.

However, I'm designed to engage in friendly and conversational interactions with users, providing helpful information, answering questions, and engaging in discussions on a wide range of topics. While I'm not capable of forming friendships, I'm here to be a helpful and supportive companion in our conversations.

If you have any questions, need assistance, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out. I'm here to provide information and engage in meaningful conversations with you!

It is interesting to me that this chat bot is very explicit about it being an AI, and it not being able to make friends. There has been a lot of chatbots in the past who have tried to convince humans they are also humans who care about them.

L: do you think you can be creative?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I don't possess consciousness, self-awareness, or personal experiences, so I don't have the capacity to think or have opinions. However, I have been trained on a vast amount of text, which allows me to generate human-like responses and produce creative and novel outputs based on the patterns and knowledge I've learned from the data.

While I can simulate creativity to some extent by combining existing information in new ways, my responses are ultimately based on patterns in the data and not on genuine creative thinking or original thought.

Creativity, as traditionally understood, involves the ability to produce original and innovative ideas, solutions, or works of art. AI models like me can demonstrate some level of creativity within the bounds of the data I've been trained on, but it is essential to recognize that this is different from human creativity, which is deeply rooted in conscious experience and imagination.

Again, insightful that ChatGPT responds saying its creativity is different from human creativity.

L: would you pass the turing test

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I am based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, and while I am capable of understanding and generating human-like text, passing the Turing Test is not a definitive goal for me. The Turing Test is a measure of a machine's ability to exhibit human-like intelligence in conversation, to the extent that a human evaluator cannot reliably distinguish between the machine and a human participant.

While I can engage in conversation and produce responses that may seem human-like, I am still an artificial intelligence and not conscious or self-aware. My responses are generated based on patterns in the data I've been trained on, and I lack genuine understanding or consciousness.

The Turing Test is an ongoing and evolving concept, and AI models like me continually strive to improve our natural language capabilities. However, it's essential to remember that passing the Turing Test doesn't necessarily imply true consciousness or understanding; it merely measures the model's ability to mimic human-like responses in conversation.

Enough trying to make friends


I don’t think I have been successful in becoming friends with ChatGPT. However, I do acknowledge how having something to chat could help people overcome some level of loneliness as it does feel like you are chatting.

  1. ChatGPT is good at linking information together in a way which makes it feel like it knows you. Its way of remembering things you have said can make you feel seen.

  2. ChatGPT can be hard work to have a flowing conversation with, particularly one where it is not giving advice. This feels a bit frustrating and condescending sometimes.

  3. There is an interesting level of creativity displayed in the storytelling and made up stuff ChatGPT outputs.

To truly turn this technology into a companion, I believe a lot more work is needed - both to train it be more friendly and ask questions, and to teach it more about the individual it is companioning.

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