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Taught by Humans

Taught by Humans wants to ensure everyone - both businesses and individuals - are AI & data confident. To us this means they have the skills, knowledge and, well, confidence to be able to use these tools in their work, and if needed their own lives.

We are against any scaremongering about AI replacing humans in their jobs, and we want to work with businesses to empower their humans to use their tools effectively. Allowing the amazing humans you hired to focus on what you hired them for (or even something additional).

Our Timeline





Tech education for everyone

Online Spreadsheet School

100 Women Data Confident

Small breather

AI & Data confidence

Taught by Humans was born and a mission to provide tech education for those who might not otherwise access it began.

- coding clubs for children (using Raspberry Pis, electronics, Python and Scratch)

- work experiences (in collaboration with corporates) for teenage girls

- spreadsheet courses

Due to the pandemic, Taught by Humans was forced online. Rather than trying to (painfully) teach children to code over the internet, we focused on Spreadsheet Skills for women.

- 5 minute, short and sweet content

- Live online classes

Taught by Humans launched a campaign to make 100 women data confident in 2022 - this included:

- support for female run businesses

- 1-2-1 mentoring for data skills 

- job hunting support (CVs, interview prep)

- 10 week online Google Sheets programme

While our founder finished off a PhD, and worked full time for Monzo as a Senior Fraud Data Scientist (where she deeply leaned into her passion for AI & data education)

Taught by Humans has now turned its focus to AI & data education. We've been doing this for a long time, and we want to share our wisdom with others.

Our Founder - Laura

Laura is driven by her passion about how technology, particularly AI, needs to work for everyone in society. A self-confessed data dork who exists at the intersection of tech and education, Laura brings a mix of industry, academic and teaching experience to her role at Taught by Humans.

Laura has a PhD in AI education (focusing on how the public and businesses can learn about AI) from University of Bristol. 

Laura Gemmell - Taught by Humans founder

Laura has over a decades experience in all things data and technology. Her industry experience has involved working for Monzo, PwC, Worldpay and a number of ambitious start ups.


Laura holds a teaching qualification and have worked for Bristol University, Code First Girls, Ada the National Digital College, Makers Academy and Decoded delivering tech and data education to 100s of people.

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