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Whether you're intrigued or worried about ChatGPT (or whatever AI is trending), 


Taught by Humans can help you and your company become 

AI and Data Confident

Use data effectively

Understand AI

Automate processes

For humans, 
by humans,
powered by tech

We don't want you to replace your employees with these tech tools, and let's be honest, neither do you.

Ensure your employees, the humans who make your business, feel empowered, not afraid.


Don't fall for the hype - you don't need to replace your humans with AI. Actually it can help them do the jobs you hired them for.

Focus on upskilling and supercharging the humans in your business to use the needed tools and tech to be amazing at their jobs.

AI, data and automation education is a must have for all businesses.

What We Offer

There is no one size fits all approach to ensuring your business and your humans are AI & data confident. No business is the same - different goals, different values, different technology, different humans.

We want to work with you to create an AI and data education which works for your business and your humans.

Woman with Data Graphic 6_edited.png
AI audits - adoption and workforce planning
Creating engaging content and resources to foster data and AI innovation
Curriculum design for data and AI education programs
AI, data and automation skills days, talks and events
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Confidence, not literacy, is key

AI and data literacy sounds a bit intimidating, and let's be honest, not everyone needs to be able to do data science in Python. Instead focus on


AI and data confidence

allowing your humans to learn the skills, tech and confidence to use the best tools to help them excel at their jobs.

Skills to use tools and data

No one size fits all

Meet people where they are

Contact us today to become AI and data confident.

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