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Taught by Humans' lifelong learning platform.

Everyone can learn what they need to in a way which works for them.

Data & AI Skills - Always Learning

DOT-ed is our online learning platform. We have created DOT-ed to help everyone learn the data and AI skills they need for their jobs (or studies or personal projects). 

If you want to learn about why we built DOT-ed, read our thoughts on lifelong learning (and why it's hard).

Topics and Content

Personalised Learning

We are aiming to, eventually, cover as many data and AI topics as we can. But as we are a small team, we have prioritised the ones people talk to us about most. We have focused on a mix of knowledge, using tools and hands-on projects (and we are always adding more topics and content):


  • Spreadsheets

  • SQL

  • Python

  • ChatGPT


  • Data thinking

  • Data cleaning

  • Data analysis

  • Visualisation

  • Statistics

  • AI

Hands-on Projects

Coming soon!

DOT-ed aims to provide personalised learning for all our learners, using our learning companion Dotly who helps you learn what you want to in a way which works best for you. 

Dotly is in development and always being improved. 

Dotly aims to get to know you (currently by asking a few questions when you want to learn new topics), and tries to create the best learning journey for you.

Costs and Legal Bits

Sign Up For DOT-ed

By signing up to use DOT-ed, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, and are subject to our Privacy Policy.

DOT-ed is currently free for individuals to sign up, but we will be moving towards a freemium subscription model in the coming months.

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