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Our Services

Taught by Humans offers a range of services helping businesses become AI & data confident. These range from our unique AI audit to creating tailored curriculums for you and your staff.

We can also help with AI & data content creation (blogs, talks, podcasts), and are experiences in AI & data events.

We are always open to discuss other ways we can help your business become AI & data confident.

AI audit

The world of AI, data and automation can be a bit overwhelming at times, everyone could use a steer on how and where to get started. If you would like some advice on how your business could be leveraging these tools, we are offering an AI audit.

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Get in touch if you need some help making sure you don't get left behind, and you and your humans are using these tools effectively.


AI and data confidence education

AI and data skills are becoming the most valuable skills for employees to have. Being able to use this AI tools, or be confident using spreadsheets helps any organisation become more effective.

We have a range of free online courses available in our learning hub. But sometimes you need sometime more tailored to your needs. We are able to create in-person, online or hybrid learning as is needed by your business.


AI and data content creation

Our humans love talking and writing about all things AI & data. We bring a wealth of experience and our unique voice to our pieces. We are always happy to hear you shape pieces, design and write them ourselves, provide research inputs and expertise, or editing and fact checking your own work.

We have examples of our work in our resources, blog and (coming soon) podcast. 


AI and data events

We love events - any opportunity to get amazing people together in a room talking about AI & data sounds dreamy to us. Our founder Laura has experience organising conferences, meetups, hackathons and educational initiatives. 

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If you are interested in our services, or want to know more:

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